Tee Lyve

The Late Bloomer

       It has been said countless times that music is the most powerful medium we as humans have to offer. It has a profound effect on the mind and has been used to do things from inspiring us to keep pushing forward, to tranquilizing our minds after a long, hard day of work, to provoking thought. That’s the beauty of music, its versatility, and its transcendent effect on our emotions. Like all art forms, it’s defined as a whole by all of the genres. And the beauty of a multifaceted medium is that every genre is fully transferable and can be used symbiotically in another, and if you’re not listening, you won’t even realize it, but it will resonate. But in order for this to work, the artist has to have an abstract perspective and a diverse musical palate. The artist has to have been exposed to different genres of music and have an appreciation for the artistry of different types of music. And not only does music have the ability to translate itself in multiple genres, it has also been used to enterprise other mediums, like fashion. Prime examples of this transfusion can be found in names like FUBU, Sean John and Roca Wear. So an artist, in every sense of the word, has the ability to use their affinity towards music to affect multiple spectrums of life. That’s what will set them apart. But not many recording artists have that vision or the gall to even attempt it. That’s where Tee Lyve comes in. His code of existence: Live Your Vision Endlessly. Whatever it is, make it happen and don’t stop until it does. 

There is a lot more to Tee Lyve than most may see. Tee has a quiet, unassuming nature about him, and it can easily be mistaken. It’s not until you understand the meaning behind his L.Y.V.E merchandise, which he always has near, and branded on his own, that you grasp the essence of his spirit. It’s not until he’s in the studio, in his niche, that you realize what that quietness really is: an insatiable poise and unwavering focus. He is constantly watching, constantly listening, and constantly learning and understanding. He’s constantly watching his producer and working in tandem to produce the best music, he’s constantly listening for new ways to innovate his artistry, and constantly learning and understanding what it means for him to be an unforgettable hip hop artist.

The pursuit of his vision goes back to his days as a child. He grew up listening to the Golden Oldies of Blues and R&B, but it wasn’t until his Uncle whom he describes as a Big Brother in every essence of the phrase, introduced him to Rock ‘n’ Roll that he experienced a shift in what was to be the beginning of his journey into music. His Uncle exposed him to legendary bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Aerosmith, which not only broadened his musical I.Q. and palate, but influenced what was to be his future artistry. But he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he wanted to dedicate his life to the music industry when he had his first performance in high school. It was at that exhilarating moment in his life that a hunger grew within him. So much so, that his sound is hard to define or compare. The closest comparison is the power house sound of the group Little Brother, with an infusion of new school, consisting of creative influential lyrics and creative choruses that will stick to your brain. Even so, Tee is determined to create his own distinctive sound, one that can’t be categorized. With his solid foundation set, and moments of inspiration constantly driving him forward, Tee Lyve hasn’t turned back since. 

Another dimension that Tee Lyve has cultivated is a business mentality. He observed the success of some of the most enterprising names in the music industry, names like Russell Simmons, Sean Combs and Jay-Z, goliaths of the industry who not only helped pioneer the music scene, but pioneered the business aspect of the industry, by using their success and keen outlook to build up their teammates. That’s what inspired Tee Lyve to brand himself. But he doesn’t want L.Y.V.E. to be just an acronym, he wants it to be a way of life. And that’s why he started The Lyve Movement, as an outlet for other artists to facilitate their creative potential. Tee Lyve is not just a talented artist, or a business man, he is a visionary who wants to use his vision as a beacon of hope, letting them know that their dreams can become a reality if they dedicate themselves to it. It’s a vision that he wants to spread like wild fire. So get on The Lyve Movement, step aside, or get run over.


 Written By: Marcus LeGare